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19 October 2008 @ 01:15 pm
For those of you who have added me and wish to be added back, please comment HERE. Not that I've been writing in my journal or anything. *coughhack*

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12 June 2006 @ 08:10 pm
Because I'm bored and I have no life~ ♥ :D

Bleach BlogcrewCollapse )

Please comment with the character you'd like!! :3

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29 November 2005 @ 09:22 pm
alrite, for those who don't know, this journal went friends only!! come and add urself! i will luff u forever!! LOL. if u dun kno how it works, come to my journal and leave a comment in teh correct area, and yew shall be added. yeiness :D

anyways, those who are already friends.... >.> .... hai!!!! *waves* ^w^
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25 November 2005 @ 05:08 pm

i just was looking around on eljay and someone had posted that Nana was out in waldenbooks. and i definitely had to take a double look just to make sure my eyes werent deceiving me. and then i went on waldenbooks.com and POOF there it was!! out!! ALL DECEMBER BOOKS ARE OUT(--with the exception of fruits basket 12)!! AHHHH!! *RUNS IN CIRCLES* SOOOO going to the mall tomorrow!! XDD WHO WANTS TO COME!?!?!?!? lmao

==meanwhile, aya's wallet crais==

yei, new layout made by urs truly! its finally done! :D *drools at teh w-inds. hawtness* X3

one layout down, 4 to go... and a banner... and... my w-inds. mood theme! XD
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31 October 2005 @ 08:46 am


Let's play a little game~♥

And this would be a good game that involves everyone~! So PWEASE PLAY!

R U L E S: I'm going to type a sentence that starts off a story. And then someone else is going to continue with another sentence involving the above sentence. For example: my sentence would be "One day Edward Elric decided to enjoy time by himself at home... all alone." Someone else would say "One day Edward Elric decided to enjoy time by himself at home... all alone. Making sure no one was there, he whipped out a large vibrating object." Then someone else would continue in the comments :D

Get it?

YAAY Let's start!

One day Edward Elric decided to enjoy time by himself at home... all alone..
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