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][Crimson Butterfly][

together forever


♥ AYA ♥
Hullo! I go by Aya~ Welcome to my journal. :D Please keep your hands, arms, and other various appendages, inside the page. My journal just so happens to be friends only, so feel free to friend me. Don't forget to leave a comment!

.♥. Sometimes I write about my day, sometimes I write about randomness (but mostly I never write at all).
.♥. I'm barely on my elgay journal ;( So if I don't comment on your entries that would be why.
.♥. Kekekeke~♥

Learn more about my tastes in music, movies, doramas, & games @ Koe ga Kikoeru x2. :3
Title: Crimson Butterfly
From: Fatal Frame II
Coding by: ribbonized
Customized by: revenantsoulx3

Mood Theme
Theme: Keita
From: w-inds.
Made by: revenantsoulx3

Theme: Friends Forever
From: Morning Musume
Banner by: revenantsoulx3
Coding by: resplandor

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